Automated Post-Sales Performance Reports Make Life Easier

Written by Christopher Olson

Pulling up performance data for structured products is usually more time-intensive than other types of investments due to their complex nature. Manually managing this process can be time-consuming. There is a clear need for a better way to do this.  

Consider John, a well-respected registered investment advisor (RIA) who has a considerably high amount of AUM due to his years of experience and established client relationships. John is wrapping up after a busy week of client meetings, inquiries, and paperwork. With a yawn, he turns his computer off and gets ready to go home. Just as he is leaving the office, one of his long-standing clients, Beth, calls him wanting information around interest payments and call events on a recently purchased structured product. 

For a moment, John considers contacting his wholesaler for assistance, but he decides to just do it himself. Either way, it will take a little time to pull together the report and he'd rather get started on it this minute. John looks up the CUSIP number and uses it to begin pulling information which he enters into a spreadsheet. He then uses this information to create a report which he sends to his client. While this process is both familiar and comfortable, it still takes John 15-20 minutes to complete his report.  

Now, let’s turn to Sarah. Like John, Sarah is an experienced RIA, but she uses an online platform to make her work easier. Sarah, too, receives a request from one of her top clients, Tom, wanting to know if there is a call date coming up. Sarah logs in to Luma and within a few clicks, pulls up a post-sales report which includes upcoming call dates as well as other information Tom might like to know. From login to logoff, Sarah is done within a few minutes. She demonstrated high responsiveness to a valued customer while also saving time and positioning herself well to answer any other questions her client may have.  

Providing up-to-date product performance data is very important to strong client service. Using online platforms puts advisors in a position to do this well and to save time. 


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